• Polaroids

    © Christophe Beauregard Photographs

    Since 2019, in parallel to my commissioned and serial works, I have been photographing with a Polaroid SX70: portraits, landscapes, still lifes, so many genres to explore through the immediacy and uniqueness of the medium.

    In my studio at the Bateau-Lavoir during the first confinement of 2019, when I could no longer photograph human beings, I began to photograph theirs, and to study space, perspective, light, colors. These polaroids allowed me to deepen my pictorial research on color, figure and fiction. A few months later, this studio work naturally turned to the outside when we were able to move around more freely.

    Inspired by literature, and by my personal history, I simply imagined that I was at the theater, and that I was discovering on the stage of an imaginary play flowers and objects arranged in the scenery. These same settings and landscapes incite us to dream of possible human stories, of Short Stories.


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