• semantic tramps

    « The report that Christophe Beauregard dedicated to the SDF is so true that it becomes fake. These men and women are actors, the stigma of lacking is made of make up, and their dirty clothes are costumes. »
    Gérard Lefort, extracted from « Misère en scène », Libération August 21th 2007. (read on liberation.fr)

    Catalogs :
    2008 Semantic tramps, 13 photographies, texte inédit d’Arlette Farge, 40 pp, Editions FILIGRANES

    Critiques and commentaries :
    2009 Dominique Baqué, L'effroi du présent : Figurer la violence, Flammarion 09-2009
    Semantic Tramps, Les Inrockuptibles n°684, page 33
    2007 Gérard Lefort, Misère en scène, Libération du 21 août 2007, Grand angle, pp. 26-27

    Analog colour print mounted on aluminium, face mounted on glossy pexiglass.
    Edited in 3 exemplaries, numbered from 1/3 to 3/3
    Scale with frame : 35,43 inches x 35,43 inches.
    Edited in 4 exemplaries, numbered from 1/4 to 4/4
    Scale with frame : 19,68 inches x 19,68 inches.