• le meilleur des mondes ?

    False pretenses give rise to a darker truth in the Le Meilleur des Mondes ? (Brave new world?) The subjects of this series are employees, volunteers or beneficiaries of the Basiliade Association, whose mission is to help people living with HIV/AIDS cope with their disease. In an attempt to question stigmas based on first impressions, Beauregard assumed the point of view of a commercial photographer taking generic corporate headshots to transform these people into "Employees of the Month.”

    Under the make-up, pressed suits and stiff smiles, are portraits of a society in suffering. Reflecting society’s suspicion of others and the business world as a form of deadly self-realization, these photos portray the hollow societal malaise we are experiencing.

    Exhibitions :

    2012-13 Par Nature, CENTQUATRE-Paris
    2012 La nuit de l’année, RIP Arles

    Publications :

    Le Meilleur des Mondes ?, Libération Le Mag, January 2012